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As Energy Owners, Contractors and OEM's face dramatic losses in Experience, Technical Expertise and Labor Assets, Lewis Reliability Resources (LRR) excels in providing FREE value driven Business Development services, risk based Life Management, Condition Assessment and advanced Welding related service solutions through flexible, cost-effective integration and augmentation strategies. Uniquely positioned  through 30 years experience to introduce world-renown technical experts and expertise, innovation, creativity and educational resources to Energy Owners, Contractors and Fabricators around the world.

Commitment to Service...


"As President of Lewis Reliability Resources, Gary utilizes his unique technical background and expansive network of  industry resources to facilitate complimentary service integration, business development, strategic planning, training and knowledge transfer through world-renown experts in Engineering, Material Science, Welding, and Inspection related specialty field services...."

Energy Sector industries served

Coal & BioMass

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Oil - Gas - Refining


Gas turbine electricity generating power

Gas & Combined Cycle

Experts and Services represented by Lewis Reliability Resources are without peer, and passionate to serve Energy Owners and Contractors in Oil & Gas, Power Generation (Fossil, Nuclear and Renewable), Fabrication, Pulp & Paper and Pipeline industries. They are ALL subject matter experts,  widely recognized for service excellence in Life Management, Engineering, Design and all aspects of Welding in Maintenance, Repair, Outages, and Capital Construction.

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